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  • "We'd like to inform you Mississippi State has accepted your application for enrollment."
    the shock of seeing so many people in one place
    Wow...these buildings are big
    so many white people, so many black people, so many asian many people
    the nervousness of meeting my roomate
    my mother crying when they leave
    panty raids
    kids going totally crazy
    fraternity row
    sorority girls
    first day of class...damn this campus is big
    damn everyone is just as smart or smarter than me
    my high school friends I grew up with are growing apart as they meet new people
    McCool Hall
    Critz Hall
    damn State has a bigass marching band
    damn these tests are hard as hell
    warm beer
    hunch punch
    everyone is so friendly
    damn this campus is big...I can barely get to class on time
    Rafeal Palmeiro
    Will Clark driving a Ferrari on campus
    making new friends everyday
    my mom calling me everyday
    getting introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughn and some dude name Aldo Nova and Michael Schenker
    getting introduced to Pink Floyd and understanding the music
    damn these girls are horny
    flushing the toilet to burn my friends in the shower
    Pennying in my neighbors across the hall
    parking tickets
    football games...Don Smith...John Bond
    where in the hell is my truck?
    why is there some shrubbery hanging out my truck where there used to be a headlight?
    why are my clothes in the floor covered in mud?
    how did my girlfriends best friend end up in my bed?
    wait, this aint even my bed..where in the hell am I?
    what happened last night?
    why are these girls on campus smiling at me and speaking to me on the way to class the next day?
    Do I know them? How in the hell do they know me?
    Whose keys are these in my pocket?
    Why do I have vague memories of me trying to crank up a bulldozer on a construction site last night?
    Why are all my friends smiling at me? What in the hell did I do last night?
    some girl from Kentucky that invited me home for Xmas break to meet her family
    wrestling my new friends in the dorm...getting floor burns...we are too drunk to give up
    the funny smell of the food the guys from the Middle East cook. in Suttle Hall....
    my mother calling every day.....
    long talks with close friends...about everything and sometimes...
    about nothing

    my new friends...the friends I will have for life
    an experience I will remember for life
    Mississippi experience I will remember for life...and the music that will stay with me for life.....hail Dear Ole's a little something you gave me that Im gonna give back for ya....

    oh...and one more thing....GO TO HELL OLE MISS!!banana

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  • Problem is....when you wake up with your girlfriends best friend in your gotta deal with...

    The good news is that my girlfriends best friend and I came up with a good lie to tell my girlfriend and we were back to being best friends and partied like we were connected soul to soul and lived happily ever after! biggrin

    Aint life nice?? lol


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  • Late night drinking???

  • I appreciate your time and effort to put this together. It's the best off the sport essay I've seen on here. Are you a journalist?

  • deltadawg82

    Ha ha yelp. I missed waking up seeing these type post. Glad to see them again

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