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We've only lost to #1 Teams in the Nation

  • Watching us lose is hard, really hard. Watching our defense get gashed is almost impossible to take. But after the game and once we've all had time to take a few deep breaths and once the beer wears off....

    Consider this:

    We've only been beat by three teams.

    1. The #1 team in the nation in Alabama.

    2. An LSU team that was #2 in the nation at one time this year and had the #1 team in the nation on the ropes up through the last minute of the game.

    3. A team that beat the #1 team in the nation on their home turf and has led two teams that were #2 in the nation at one time or another thru half time.

    So, one might say that we've only lost to teams that at one time or another could be considered the best team in the nation.

    I still think our coaching sucks at times. I still think Chris Wilsons defenses are too passive. I still think we are too far along in Dan Mullens system to be getting stupid false start penalties EVERY SINGLE GAME and for our Special Teams to suck. But considering who we've lost to....we might just be better than what we have looked like on the field the past three weeks.

    We will definitely know in 6 more days.

  • I agree with a lot of this. aTm's upset of Bama and our effort last night shows me that our team isn't as "over-rated" as the media have been trying to say. We're not world beaters, but we have lost to 3 very, very good teams.

    Win the next two.

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