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Wait a minute....not so fast...

  • I think most of us, me includeduhoh, may be over reacting to the loss to Bama this past Saturday. Yes, we were 7-0 going into that game and the thought of beating the nations no.1 team and coming through in a historic game had all of us on a "high" of what a victory of this magnitude would mean for our program and for us would trump the historic 6-3 victory we had over Bama 30 yrs ago that we keep re-living when it comes to big games against Bama. Its kinda sad we only have one victory against a #1 ranked Bama that we relish over and over....but it is what it is.violin

    But wait just one minute...yes we lost to Bama 38-7. Yes, in the first quarter Bama's tight end no. 89 held Benardrick McKinney on 3rd and long and allowed Bama's McCarron to scamper for a first down. Yes the Bama receiver caught a punt and stepped into States defender who was holding his ground, but the ref called the personal foul on the State player...a horrific call, and yes that call was followed up by another call against Dan Mullen for protesting the bullsh*t call. So we give Bama 30 yrds and gave up field position...and never got it back and everything was pretty much downhill from there.

    BUT...its just one game and not the end of the world. A Bugatti Veyron will make a Lamborghini Aventador seem slow as molasses in a race. A Lamborghini Aventador will mkae a Corvette ZR1 look slow in a race...and a Corvetter ZR1 will make anything Ford has ever built look slow as hell in a raceblank....and Bama made State look inept in that Saturday game....but its all relative. Doesnt mean State doesnt have a good team just means Bama was the better team that day.

    Hear me out.blah

    South Carolina MAULED Georgia earlier this season to the tune of 35-7, just 3 pts shy of our loss to Bama. Then South Carolina goes to LSU and gives them the fight of their life, barely losing by two points, but later gets MAULED by Florida. Then LSU plays Florida after barely beating Auburn...a team we manhandled...and gets beat. Then Florida plays a Georgia team that was mauled by a S. Carolina, a team Florida routed...and gets beat by Georgia.woot

    Things are just not as simple or clear as they may appear at first glance. TAMU barely beats tsun, a team that gave up some 66 points to Texas, a Texas team that gave up 48 pts to West Virginia, a West Virgina team routed by Texas Tech and Kansas State. So, this TAMU team that barely beat a tsun team that was routed by a Texas team that was routed by a West Virginia team that was routed by a Texas Tech team that was routed by an Oklahoma team and a Kansas State team..but this TAMU team almost beat LSU..that barely beat an Auburn team that was routed by TAMU...yet this TAMU team almost lost to a tsun team that barely beat an Arkansas team that TAMU routed 58-10.loco

    So...what does all this mean? It means absolutely nothing...and that means that on any given Saturday any good team in the SEC can beat any other good team. Remember the old cliche that things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem. Bama is not some NFL-lite team that is unbeatable...had State executed properly and got into rhythm..that game could have gone either way..but we didnt, but that doesnt mean we cant.go-dawgs

    There is A LOT of football left guys (and gals biggrin)....and anything can happen...just look what has already happened. So...not so fast on how good Bama is and/or how bad we may be...thats why we play the games.


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  • exactly my man, time to regroup and get ready to make johnny football want to change his name

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  • I think I followed all of that, but you're right.

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