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Strange Lights

  • I got home from work at 6 am. I ate my breakfast with my wife then went to sleep on the couch while my wife was massaging my feet. She woke me up at 11 am and told me the game would be on in an hour. I went upstairs, showered, dressed, then went back downstairs to marinate some pork chops and chicken to put on the grill for the game.

    Then I went into the backyard to clean the grill and I saw a large wierd jet black triangular craft hovering about 100 feet above the ground coming over the tree line of my neighbors backyard...THIS THING WAS HUGE! It had to be at least 150-200 ft across...just as I was about to be overcome with awe, fear, or whatever...the craft shined some very strange bright lignts at me.....

    the next thing I knew I was sitting in some strange gray room on some type of gun metal colored bench. Out of no where appeared some kind of 3D screen...and on the screen was a football game, one team in white, the other team in black. The black team had aTm on their helmets, but I didnt recognize the white team...all I could tell was the black team was kicking the crap out of the white team. Some wierd figure approached me from a dark corner in the room and pointed to the white team and then pointed to me...the figure didnt speak...I could just feel him communicating to me that although the black team had a new coach and the team was in his first year in that system...he would kick the living dog doo doo out of the black team who was coached by a team in their 4th year in that system and who supposedly had one of the nations toughest and most experienced secondaries....the next thing I knew I saw more very bright and strange lights and the next thing I knew I was back in my backyard standing in front of my grill.

    I went back into my house and sat down on the coach in front of my flatscreen tv.

    For some reason....those strange lights had me terrified of turning that flatscreen on....