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  • When I get in from work I go upstairs and take off my work clothes and throw on my sweats, go downstairs, grab a beer from the fridge, pop some popcorn, then plop my fat butt down on the couch and try to watch all my recorded ESPN shows before my wife gets home....cuz once she gets home its about an hour of....blah and as the good husband I am...I always turn off my ESPN grumble and I listen to her.

    This is pretty much how the first two hours of my day goes after I get home from work Mon-Fri. Another consistent thing in this ritual are my sweats...100% of the sweats in my closet are all State gear. 100%. Some of my sweats are almost a decade old and have tears in them where my dogs have ripped them when I wrestle with them. Other pairs are new. I always order them one size too big so that they are comfortable and hang off me.

    I mow my lawn in my Mississippi State sweats. I work on my car in my State sweats, I grocery shop, run to Wal-Mart, walk my dogs, and clean my my maroon and white State sweats. I sometimes get questions by onlookers here in N. Carolina like.."yall are the rebels right?" or "yall hired the first black coach in the SEC right?". I always proudly respond to those questions and go on to educate them about our school.

    I have always been extremely proud to be a State graduate...but what happened at tsun last night brought what State stands for in the light and made crystal clear the differences between State, State's students and alumni...and tsun. State attracts the brighest and the best of what Mississippi has to offer. Great kids, smart kids, God fearing kids, and most importantly, overall kids with character and integrity.

    No matter how much we disagree on games, coaches, politics or whatever....State didnt have a riot on its campus last night. State hasnt had the klan march on its campus since anytime I can remember, State didnt have to change her flag, her mascot, her chants, and State doesnt have a tradition of antagonizing thousands of its students and alumni by saying things like "the South will rise again!" during pre-game ceremonies.

    I attended State from 84-87 and I had a FRIGGIN BLAST! Got a fantastic education, made life long friends with fellow students and alumni..and my son is at State now. I never witnessed a single incident while at State that involved racial issues. Not one...and that was 25 yrs ago. What I do remember is having the time of my life at frat parties, panty raids, really good Stevie Ray Vaughan music, intramurel football games, and not so fond memories of extremely hard engineering exams and bad football teams. My son is having a wonderful experience at State as well.

    I am proud of Mississippi State University. I am proud to be a Mississippi State University alumnus. And I am proud of all you fellow maroon and white fans, alumni, supporters, reporters, students and staff that has made Mississippi State what she has been and continues to be today...and that is a fantastic institution of higher learning and an experience. Thats right, State isnt just a school its an experience. You havent lived until you've heard 50,000 cowbells ringing and a stadium full of screaming State fans!hail

    And as I type this....I am wearing a pair of gray State sweats, a gray State sweat shirt, and a maroon winter dog chewed up my matching State gray hat...but I still have that chewed up gray State hat....and I will still wear it...and I will wear it


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  • Fantastic essay. I app you taking time to write it. I am from columbus. Go Dawgs

  • Nice read. I had the time of my life during my tenure at State too.

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  • Think you speak for a lot of us...Some folks think all I own, with respect to clothes, is STATE gear.... Proud to be a BullDAWG on and off the field.... HAIL dear ole STATE

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