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Ole Miss to become a force in basketball

  • Down vote me if you want, but their season mirrored our season from last year in some freaky ways. They have senior talent that had kept them on the bubble for a couple of years. (Holloway, Buckner = Bost, Bryant). They got a transfer that gave them a shot of offensive power (Henderson = Moultrie). They shot up the rankings and were looking like a NCAAT lock for the first half of the season. We did the same last year. The back half of the season they REALLY stumbled and were on the outside of the bubble looking in. Only difference is that last year we lost in the first round of the SECT and they got on a hot streak and won the tourny to get the automatic bid. Now, of course im not saying that Henderson is EXACTLY like Moultrie. Far from it. Just some interesting observations to help me pass the time on a boring Monday when I should be doing some work. I hope the trend continues and Henderson leaves for the NBA and crashes and burns. I hate that punk.

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