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My thoughts

  • Positives

    1. We won. We got off the losing skid in a big way.

    2. Les finally branched out on the play calling. We took a deep shot and called a screen today. Neither one were all that successful but it still needs to be called to keep teams honest.

    3. We finally made some defensive adjustments in the second half and went more man to man. Enough said on that one.

    4. We did go under center more for a second week in a row, it helped the run game, and Tyler was able to complete a number of 10+ yard passes from play action with those formations.


    1. Misuse of Nick Griffin yet again. Carried the ball once early for 8 yards, then didn't touch it again until his big run, once the game was in hand. It sucks to see a back have 2 carries and average of 34 yards per carry.

    2. Tyler Wilson's completion percentage. Yea we won big and when we switched to man we were able to stop plays for minimal yards, but if we allow Wallace to have a 79.3 completion percentage next week, that might not work out well for the good guys.

    3. Is a double move/pump fake in our playbook? We don't have a legit deep threat and those are ways to still complete balls down the field with average recievers.

    4. 3 man front. Why does Wilson continue to experiment? Even Tyler Wilson gashed our 3 man front with his feet today, that should tell you something.

    5. Lastly, not enough Quay. When we used 4 down, it seemed Mullen wanted to use every defensive linemen we have, but Quay. I don't see practice every week, but I do see the games when it counts, and he has been our best DT at getting to the back field. With Josh Boyd on the field, we don't need another gap filler, we need someone who can penetrate, and Cherington just does offer that.

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  • Im good with most but have to comment on 2 negatives

    On #2. Wilson started 10 for 10. Our adjustments got him later. Hard to give him a sorry completion % when he starts like that

    On #3. Go back and check. Most throws to bumphis were double moves, including his second td

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  • I agree with bmartin about #2. I think we got somewhat better after the first 2 Arkansas drives, but what stopped them the most were unforced turnovers and terrible play calling with going under center and running the ball several times. If we rely next Saturday on coach beaver to call bad plays and get unforced errors, then I think they will score 40+ on us. If we don't get aggressive on defense with pressure, we will get beat Saturday. Somehow ole miss finds numerous ways to get pressure on the qb regardless of who they play, and this is with a defense giving up a lot of size. They stunt, twist, slant, and most of all run delay blitzes. Delay blitzes is usually what gets Russell hit numerous times in games and we for some reason cannot figure out how to block it on offense or run it on defense. You can't depend on other teams to make bad play calls and give you unforced errors.

  • On #2 even if you take away the first 10, he was still 13 of 19 completing a little over 68%. That's still not too shabby and as the other poster said, stupid turnovers really really helped us today and you can't always count on those to happen.

    On #3 I haven't watched the replay yet and your probably right. Even so, Tyler does not use the pump fake near enough.

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  • Agree on the pump fakes

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  • The pump move for qb's is similar to the spin move for tailbacks, it develops naturally early in a players career. Its not a move that can be taught this late in a qb's career. Try to use the pump move when it doesnt come naturally for Tyler will throw off his timing and could lead to the ball slipping out of his hand causing a turnover.

    He does the move from time to time, but not nearly as much as Brett Favre or Bo Wallace, two qb's who use it much more than most qb's.