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Buy Stuff! We gotta step it up!

  • Instead of the normal holiday cards, ties, cash or whatever you normally give your co-workers, neighbors and family...I challenge all you members to buy something from the Official MSU Store and give it as a gift this holiday season! Got a fellow alumnus who isnt in this forum? Buy them a year subscription! Got a neighbor in Mississippi that loves State but didnt go to State? Get them a sweat shirt, a cap, a car magnate, a coffee cup or whatever to both help support State and help spread our brand. I know some of you guys already do a lot and as your Bulldog brethren thats greatly appreciated. Lets challenge everyone else to step it up to another level!

    I live outside of Mississippi and although State has the largest alumni population of any Mississippi school, for every truck or car I see with a State sticker when Im in another state, I see 3 cars with tsun stickers, or people wearing their hats, shirts, etc. We should be ashamed of ourselves. WE GOTTA STEP UP OUR GAME! Everyone ANTE UP AND KICK IN!!

    I challenge each one of you guys in this forum to give out at least 3 Mississippi State gifts this year to friends and family. Whether its a subscription to this site (which is the best State site ever!), or an inexpensive coffee cup or bumper sticker, or a really nice Snow Bowl outfit from the Official MSU store...lets all take it up a notch going into 2013 and show everyone else that Mississippi really is OUR STATE!!

    GO DAWGS!! go-dawgs

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